For those who ascended skyward, "down" is whichever way they conceive it to be. They break out of the grasp of gravity, holding them firmly in place, and exploit it to their own advantage.

Defy gravity, jump and maneuver. Solve various platforming puzzles that will have you flying from one corner of the screen to another.

This is a Post-Jam version of my entry for Ludum Dare 47 Jam with the theme "Stuck in a loop".

Note: Jam version, made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 47, is in Download section below. Check out the Ludum Dare submission page to see the Rating results I've got.


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I love the idea. I love the blades that fall down.

great game with great graphics and fun gameplay

The concept was very good, and so were the levels! :D

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The main mechanics of this game is something that I have seen before but only as an addition to some very specific part of a game like in Ori and the Blind Forest in the frozen region where there were surfaces that changed the orientation of gravity ... and Sky Crawlers takes that concept and makes it the main mechanic of the game. It is a bit difficult to say if the game is more of a puzzle than a platform game, but I am more inclined towards the latter since there is a lot of freedom when solving the levels and it ends up being something easy, but very pleasant if you have experience with platform games and to have been made in such a short time, the mobility is very fluid and in general it is quite well done.

I did a playthough of the game, although I am curious about other games that have used this mechanic even if it is in small doses.

Loved the idea and the dynamics of movement.

Super cool gravity idea. Really enjoyed it!

Very interesting game. I like it.

Amazing !

Not able to play. :cry

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Are you talking about web player, or a downloadable version?

A bunch of people from LD played the game (web version) without experiencing any problems so far. So it’s either on your end, or having problems with servers again.